Statement of Ethical Trading Standards

At Southern African Minerals we endeavour to be part of a supply chain which empowers and uplifts communities by purchasing from fair trade suppliers.

How we do this:

-By being as transparent as possible

-By going to the location where possible – we can’t go everywhere!

-By asking as many questions as possible

-By paying fairly. You cannot build fair trade AND be cheap with suppliers!

We deal mostly with self-employed small scale prospectors from small claims, family run family manned businesses, and companies that are transparent about their dealings.

List of our main locations:

South Africa: small scale family-run self-employed fair trade prospecting 

Namibia: small scale family-run self-employed fair trade prospecting 

Zimbabwe: small scale self-employed fair trade prospecting 

Democratic Republic of Congo: self-employed fair trade prospecting

Morocco: small scale family-run self-employed fair trade prospecting 

Malawi: small scale family-run self-employed fair trade prospecting 

We cannot control the conditions and living standards prevalent in each country, but we can guarantee the fair and ethical trade between ourselves and our suppliers. Know that your purchases benefit communities close to the source and empower them to sustain their families on their own terms.