Gallery - Trade Shows & Rock Hunting Travels


Denver Gem and Minerals show 2018
We have been traveling to buy and sell rocks for half a lifetime! And we look forward to the next half! Here is a little insight into some of the international stone shows we do, and the adventures we go on to bring you our unique range of amazing crystals and minerals  
Rockhounding in Colorado with friends after the Denver Gem and Mineral Show
Our son at his first Denver Gem and Minerals show 2017Denver Gem and Minerals show, The National Western Complex 2018Our Booth At the Sainte Marie Aux Mines Show 2019
We also go out into the desert in search of amazing pieces! 
Rose Quartz in situ, on route from Riemvasmaak, A magical road!
Orange River, Northern Cape, Where Orange River Quartz comes from
The view of the Riemvasmaak area where we go to hunt for Orange River Quartz and Bright green Fluorite
Dirt road Between Brandberg and Goboboseb, Namibia in search of Brandberg Amethyst